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Community Associations | Bringing Communities Together!

Community Management Companies and Homeowners Associations choose FCB for several reasons…



Lockbox Services



Our lockbox services in conjunction with Accounting Integrators software application can assist in the accuracy of reporting and retrieving data for Homeowners. Each Management Company is provided with their own lock box address for all their association payments. Payments are processed and deposited into the association accounts the same day they are received at the lockbox so that you can see your payments in record time.


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Remote Deposit Services


Now you can make deposits without taking a trip to the bank. No traffic, no more standing in line and your cutoff time is extended until 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. FCB uses state of the art scanners and technology to provide the most integration with your software.


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First Call - Dedicated Customer Service Group


Our Customer Service Group, First Call, can assist you in all your banking needs.  We have banking professionals that can work to solve your issues on your first call.  We assist customers all over the nation and understand the importance of talking to a real live person every time you call.

Visit our Contact Us page for information or call 1-800-332-8231.


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Competitive Pricing



How does FREE sound? We created accounts that are free of charge so that your money can be better spent elsewhere.


  • FREE Community Association Checking Account.
  • Community Association Money Market Account with No Monthly Minimum Balance Requirement and No Monthly Maintenance Fees.
  • No lockbox fees.
  • No remote deposit fees.
  • Homeowners can pay online using electronic check (echeck) or a credit card.

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Community Association Deposit Accounts



Community Association Checking

  • Unlimited check writing
  • No minimum deposit amount to open
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Checking Account Disclosure (click here to view)

* Data listed is for informational purposes only and subject to change. Ask a FCB representative or login to online banking for current rate or account information.


Community Association Money Market

    • No minimum deposit amount to open
    • No monthly maintenance fee
    • No minimum daily balance requirement
    • Up to 6 withdrawals per statement cycle per Regulation D money market restrictions. Excessive transaction fees may apply.
    • No minimum balance requirement to earn interest.
    • Money Market Account Disclosure (click here to view)

    * Interest Rates are subject to change at any time and determined at bank discretion. Data listed is for informational purposes only and subject to change. Ask a FCB representative or login to online banking for current rate or account information.

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    Community Association Loan Programs



    We understand the inter-workings of the Associations; it allows us to offer financing for several different purposes including:


      • Restoration to Common Areas
      • Financing of Equipment
      • Complete Building Renovations
      • Expansion of Existing Building Structures
      • Additional Building or Facilities

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    Accounting Integrators Partnership


    Our partnership with Accounting Integrators provides you with time saving technology allowing your software to integrate with FCB!  That means:


    • Homeowners can access their association website or management company’s website, login to their account, check their account balance online, and make payments directly from their account.
    • Payments are processed real time. You can see your processed transaction either on your website or on the FCB website.
    • Homeowners deposited check images are available to you in addition to images of your payable checks.
    • If you are a CINC Systems customer, bank statements are available on your database without having to log into the Bank website.
    • Also as a CINC Systems customer you will have security options which can allow several users, such as Board Members to view information that pertains only to them.


    First Covenant Bank is a full service bank offering a full suite of products and services to handle all of your financial needs including: retail banking, commercial banking, online banking services, mortgages, corporate lending, retirement planning, and investment services. FDIC information can be found in the Help section of this website or at For more information please email or call 1-800-332-8231.


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